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European Commission publish article on ATXA's PAH-HOPE project

The EU Commission has published a "Results in Brief" article on ATXA Therapeutics' EU-funded PAH-HOPE project.

Entitled "New Hope for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Patients", the article outlines some of the key results of the PAH-HOPE project including through scaling up manufacturing capabilities, advancing its intellectual property portfolio (with 13 patents granted globally to date), enhancing the technology readiness level, and creating a commercialization strategy. Together, these milestones have advanced NTP42’s clinical readiness, clearing the way for first-in-human Phase I clinical trials.

Read the full Results in Brief article here:!DryJ6T

ATXA is now well on track to deliver its first-in-class, disruptive PAH treatment to the market. The company began Phase I trials in May 2021 and is currently accelerating its technology development towards Phase II trials in PAH patients. To ensure it can meet forecast demand when NTP42 launches, ATXA has plans to expand its team and ramp up its production capabilities.

Speaking on behalf of ATXA, Chief Executive Officer and Founder Prof. Therese Kinsella highlighted, "This project has been transformational for ATXA, morphing our ambitious team from a preclinical development entity into a fully fledged pharmaceutical company in clinical development", adding, “We are confident that this new drug represents a truly disruptive, disease-modifying therapy for treating all of PAH’s clinical features without any serious side-effects".

ATXA is also advancing preclinical work in other pulmonary and cardiovascular areas. “PAH’s causes and symptoms occur in several other highly prevalent heart and lung diseases, many of which are also life-threatening and carry a significant socio-economic burden,” adds Kinsella. “There’s a real potential that NTP42’s market reach and benefits could extend well beyond that of PAH.”

Read the full Results in Brief article here:!DryJ6T

© Natali Mis, Shutterstock

© Natali Mis, Shutterstock


The Community Research and Development Information Service (CORDIS) is the European Commission's primary source of results from the projects funded by the EU's programmes for research and innovation.

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