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Our Pipeline

ATXA Therapeutics has developed a novel series of highly selective antagonists of the TP receptor.


Amongst ATXA’s TP antagonist series is the lead candidate drug NTP42, as well as several other pipeline candidates, each with distinct pharmaceutical properties.​

NTP42 and other candidates in this series have been extensively evaluated and have been confirmed to display excellent efficacy, specificity, and safety profiles in preclinical models and in the clinic following oral delivery.

Our Science

Development Pipeline

Through our R&D, ATXA has built a pipeline of novel, highly selective small molecule drugs and has validated their efficacy potential in preclinical models of cardiopulmonary, acute pulmonary inflammation, oncology, and other diseases.

Our Pipeline is protected by a growing global patent estate and we have secured Orphan Designation from the EMA (Europe) and the FDA (USA) for our lead drug NTP42 for our initial target indication Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH).


* Phase I clinical trial (NCT04919863) was completed in healthy volunteers and confirmed safety & tolerability, drug exposure, and TP target engagement, pending formal reporting (late Q2, 2022). Diagram represents ongoing stages of development; does not correspond to the initiation or completion of a particular stage. NTP42:KVA4 is the formulated drug product name for NTP42.

**Alongside NTP42, TP20 & NTP48, ATXA are advancing additional TP antagonists in its drug pipeline across cardiopulmonary and other disease areas.

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