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ATXA Presentation at ESC Congress 2021

ATXA presented preclinical efficacy results of its lead drug candidate NTP42 for treatment of PAH at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Digital Experience 2021 from August 27-30, 2021.

With a poster entitled "The thromboxane receptor antagonist NTP42 improves haemodynamics, inhibits remodelling, and restores function within the cardiopulmonary system in preclinical pulmonary arterial hypertension models" and companion audio commentary, ATXA Senior Scientist Dr Eamon Mulvaney outlined some key new data on the benefits of the formulated NTP42 in animal disease models.

These data demonstrate that NTP42 significantly alleviates preclinical PAH and to a similar or greater extent relative to market leader PAH therapies. Notably, we also revealed that expression of the thromboxane receptor, the cellular target for NTP42, is found to be highly up-regulated throughout the cardiopulmonary

system, validating the potential importance of this largely ignored PAH target ripe for pharmaceutical intervention.

ATXA's conference poster is available to view on the ESC Congress Research Gateway. Use this free link to take a look - (no registration required).

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